I Gave MagicSpam A Try And Was Blown Away By The Results!

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I Gave MagicSpam A Try And Was Blown Away By The Results!

Post by raymondlee » Thu Mar 05, 2009 2:07 pm

I've lost a number of web hosting clients due to the number of spam emails our server was receiving.

I'm always skeptical about new products that claim they can filter out spam so I decided to give MagicSpam for Plesk a try.
The results were phenomenal!

Within the first 24 hours over a 1000 spam emails were refused by the server.

I wanted to give high regards to your company for creating a superb product.

The price is within anyone's budget, the installation was simple and the MagicSpam Administration Control Panel is easy to understand. Technical support is quick to respond and I will definitely recommend your product.

I'll be a life time subscriber to your product.

Raymond Lee
Brainstorm Video Inc, Surrey, BC

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