Spam with and with out MagicSpam

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Spam with and with out MagicSpam

Post by aremdee » Sun Mar 18, 2018 8:01 pm

I resorted to sending a rather short, grumpy message via the contact form on your website. However their wise advice was to contact support to see if we can work out why spam levels don't seem to change a lot with the program on or off. I upgraded to the Plus version to try and see if I could add keywords (unfortunately I can't see where I can do this), but even with the Plus version, spam levels seemed to be unaffected.

As I said in that form, I have been developing a list of subject lines that I know are spam and have added them to a custom filter in Mailenable. To see if this worked I deactivated MagicSpam for a week. With it deactivated I noticed only a very minor increase in spam which I managed to reduce by simply adding the subject line to the filter. However I did enable MagicSpam once again only to receive spam with subject lines like "Pills for potency. Fast delivery" which I would have thought was something really simple to pick up.

My dilemma is that I need an anti spam tool that will do the job. From all of the glowing reports (except mine) I would have thought MagicSpam would do admirably. If there is something wrong with my installation I would like some help troubleshooting please, so can someone get in touch to help me through this.


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