Log Search and User Interface

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Log Search and User Interface

Post by BBS » Mon Oct 30, 2023 2:16 am


2 things.

if a normal user wants to go in magicspam, following error message appear: "Cannot find the MagicSpam user home directory"

log search isn't working.
if I click first just on "search" then i see a log file in a new tab. If I type an email address of a customer, log is empty. If I delete the typed email address, and just lick on search again, like on my first step. Nothing to see. There is a bug! Can you fix it?
What can I do?
MagicSpamPro Version: 2.1-20.3

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Re: Log Search and User Interface

Post by admin » Sat Nov 04, 2023 9:41 am

HI there,

Thanks for your report, and indeed, we have identified an issue affecting some of our customers with the new logsearch functionality released in the latest version, unfortunately. Our development team is working on an update release to address this issue, which 'should' be out this week.

In the mean time, as an overview it is related to a missing or bad permission directory used for the new logsearch, and specifically "/var/run/magicspam/logsearch" (and/or an account holders personal directory)

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ls -la /var/run/magicspam
If you do not see the 'logsearch' directory, then that is the cause. (If not reach out to our support team)

You didn't mention which OS or panel you are using, but here is an example to correct the issue for MagicSpam PRO for WHM/cPanel

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mkdir /var/run/magicspam/logsearch
chown magicspam: /var/run/magicspam/logsearch
chmod 2755 /var/run/magicspam/logsearch
Unfortunately, if this IS the cause, it means that after each reboot, you would have to run the commands again, which is why it is so important that we get an updated release to our customers right away.

Our apologies if you are affected by this issue.. This was a rare miss, in our release development and testing process.

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Re: Log Search and User Interface

Post by fasthost » Wed Nov 22, 2023 8:06 pm

Anychance we could roll back before the patch or new update is released?


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