MagicSpam PRO is supported on the latest Plesk version (18.0.57)

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MagicSpam PRO is supported on the latest Plesk version (18.0.57)

Post by magicspam » Fri Dec 01, 2023 11:20 am

Dear MagicSpam Customers,

As we have received few reports of issues with MagicSpam on the latest Plesk version (18.0.57), we would like to ensure you that MagicSpam does work with the latest Plesk version.

After a further review, we have figured out what the issue was: while the new Plesk release notes for 18.0.57 outlined a list of the SDK functions that they were deprecating, and we ensured that our code did not make use of those functions - what Plesk did not mention was that they were completely deprecating one of the SDK include files which was the ultimate cause of this issue.

We have published a new set of packages - which also include some other bug fixes that we were working on - to our download site at:

Of course, if you have already upgraded to 18.0.57, then you cannot use MagicSpam GUI for the upgrade using he 'Upgrade' button, and you will have to upgrade manually.

To upgrade manually, you can use the "Extensions -> My Extensions -> Upload Extension" from the Plesk interface (if it is unlocked) or if that is not available, you can simply upload this package to the Plesk server and use the following command from the command line:

plesk bin extension --upgrade <path to the latest downloaded package/zip for your OS>

While our developers reacted quite quickly to resolve this issue and we do try to anticipate such changes, we would like to extend our apologies for the inconvenience. Please note that MagicSpam is still fully supported on Plesk, and our support team is available for any questions.

-- MagicSpam Team --
-- MagicSpam Support Team --

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