Custom Rejection Messages: what are they?

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Custom Rejection Messages: what are they?

Post by magicspam » Thu Jan 13, 2011 1:03 pm

In the current release of MagicSpam, there should be a button next to each rule in the SMTP Policies page of the administration module. The button in turn should pop up a small entry box to set a custom message of your choice.

The rejection message itself is the message issued upon triggering a rule that is sent back to the sender.

The 'custom' text is appended to the 'start' of the rejection message.

So.. if a remote server triggers the spam rule in question while communicating with your server, it will receive a message:

550 <your message here>. Protection provided by MagicSpam x.x.x ...

It should be noted that rejection messages are not related to email headers / body - but rather the SMTP level rejection message. The sending server in turn will normally deliver a NDR (Non Delivery Report) message to the original sender on that server with the rejection message embedded within, or, if it is someone sending directly through your server, an error message should show up in their email client (NOTE: this will vary dependent on the email client software).

The intent of this ability is to ensure you can deliver a message of your choice to the sender - be it a contact email to report a false positive, or a custom URL with details of what to do.

At this time the custom message is limited in size to 64 characters (admittedly restrictive) as we wish to ensure there was no performance loss with the new feature, but we plan on increasing the size in the very near future.

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