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MagicSpam PLUS for MailEnable 2.1-5.1 is now officially released

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 12:43 pm
by magicspam
Dear Valued Customers,

Our team has just released a version 2.1-5.1 of the MagicSpam PLUS for MailEnable product line that includes the following updates:

    - New Security Feature: Country Authentication Restrictions
    - New Blacklist: Sender Country Blacklist
    - New Log: SMTP Authentication Logs
    - Daemon: DNS lookups are handled better
    - Interface: New Security module
    - Interface: Settings module renamed to Anti-Spam
    - Interface: Server Policies under Settings module renamed to Spam Policies
    - Bug Fix: MagicSpam DLL no longer leaks memory under certain circumstances
    - Bug Fix: Outbound rate limiter no longer runs on unauthenticated smtp sessions under certain circumstances
    - Bug Fix: Outbound rate limiter correctly handles entries with wildcards
    - Bug Fix: Entries with the 'user@postoffice' format can now be added to the outbound rate limiter whitelist

To upgrade, you can simply point a browser to:

Enter your license key, then select the appropriate installer (32 bit or 64 bit)

Once downloaded, run the installer and click on 'Yes' when asked if you wish to upgrade over top of the currently installed version.

We thank all those who supplied us with feedback and feature requests and encourage you all to keep on sending us your great ideas for features you would like to see in MagicSpam to continue making this product better.

From all of our team, Thanks!