Works well. Great support.

It really makes a developer or a support person's day when people say nice things about them, their products and what they do. Want to give us complements? By all means. The more people hear about the good things.. the more people use this, and the more we can give back.

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Works well. Great support.

Post by tomcrom » Mon Jan 19, 2009 9:55 am

My OS (SUSE 10.2) wasn't supported. I asked. 2 days later I got working version for my OS. Great job.
Performance of MagicSpam is impressive. I have it installed along with Spamassassin and they both work well. MagicSpam stops 95% of the spam on SMTP level, Spamassassin filters the message contents.
Since installed MagicSpam 95% of the junk doesn't even make it to SpamAssassin.

This is a great product. Easy to use and support is exceptional.
Thank you.

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