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It really makes a developer or a support person's day when people say nice things about them, their products and what they do. Want to give us complements? By all means. The more people hear about the good things.. the more people use this, and the more we can give back.

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Best Support

Post by twip » Fri Jul 24, 2009 12:23 pm

I wanted to let everyone know that I tried this product and at first it did not work. I turned out I had installed a 32bit RPM and needed a 64 bit RPM which MagicSpam did not have.

I contact support and they where very helpful and quick to work on my issue.

Within 24 hours they had a 64bit RPM for my system that worked great. I am off and running and very happy.

I just started using MagicSpam and so far it works very well. In the long run if it works half as good as their support then I will have no complaints.

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Re: Best Support

Post by isaak » Fri Jan 07, 2011 6:10 am

I second what twip had said.

It it unbelievable that there are still companies that REALLY DO hear your screams for support.
Other than just being a great product, support is SUPER DUPER FAST.
In only minutes, not only your email is being response but a solution comes out.

The reason why I decided to purchased MagicSpam is 50% for the great product and 50% for the excelent best support I have ever received (and we do have many providers for our company).

Thank you very much and keep it up!

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