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Allow peeling off FORWARDER IP to get to the SENDER IP

Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:01 pm
by wills
When having an email account that's on another server that forwards to the MS-protected server,
MS will assumedly pass through all spam because the forwarding server IP is not abusive.

This suggestion is to be able to "register" (special-whitelist) an IP as "transparent" such that MS, peels off the forwarding IP address and then considers the next IP in the header as the sender for the purposes of IP evaluation.

Otherwise, forwarded spam from another server do not get considered for filtering.

In my own case, i have forwarders on about 10 other servers that are not mine to control or install MS, and thus i'm wide open for spam forwarded thru those IP addresses.

Note that AOL and Comcast, for instance, when considering their FBL "report spam" do NOT consider domain-account-forwarded emails and thus the hosting account's server gets reported as the spammer, when it's just the conduit because of the forwarder.

Re: Allow peeling off FORWARDER IP to get to the SENDER IP

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:40 am
by magicspam
Hello Wills,

Thank you for your post and for supporting MagicSpam!

We do see why you would be interested in this feature. However, MagicSpam operates solely in the SMTP level and does not interact with email message bodies whatsoever. MagicSpam was never designed to be a content filter and because of this, it does not inspect message headers.

If there are servers forwarding to addresses hosted on your server, we suggest you reach out to those postmasters regarding why they are being blocked by MagicSpam. It is most likely that they will be having problems sending elsewhere too! If they cannot or will not fix the issue and if you need to whitelist their IP address, you might want to consider implementing a content filter to run in behind MagicSpam. SpamAssassin a popular choice for many of our customers, but there are other content filters available as well.

Thank you again for you post and for your suggestion!

-- MagicSpam Suppport Team --