edit/add to the automatic bounced message a sender receives

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Re: edit/add to the automatic bounced message a sender receives

Post by magicspam » Thu May 19, 2011 8:38 am

Hello Raymond,

testing to see what a bounce message will look like is a little bit tricky. This is because each and every MTA that is out there is responsible for creating the NDR message itself, so how it will format / layout the bounce is relative to how the sending MTA does things.

IF it is a case of one of your customers trying to send directly through your server, then what they should see is an immediate rejection within their email client - however this will vary based on the email client. Earlier versions of Outlook Express for example will only show the microsoft error code number unless one clicks on 'detailed' to see what the server actually said.

The rejection itself though in most cases will be displayed in an NDR along the lines of :

Sorry your message could not be delivered. Server said:

550 [Your message here]. Protection provided by: MagicSpam 1.0.5-3

That is the standard display layout and how MagicSpam puts together the actual rejection notice.

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